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WHY Philly Smiles' DayLife® Implants?

  • For over 25 years, Philly Smiles' dental care and implants have produced stunning results by award-winning dentists. 

  • The Philly Smiles Team includes an oral surgeon, prosthodontist, and lab technician, all located in Rittenhouse Square enabling completion of the entire DayLife® Implants procedure the same-day.

DayLife® Implants' transformative upper and lower arch restoration results in a stunning new smile...the same-day.  Enjoy eating your favorite foods again, speaking with confidence, and minimal daily maintenance vs. dentures.  Rejuvenate your smile and quality of life in one day!  

LEARN MORE ABOUT Philly Smiles' DayLife® Implants

  • DayLife® Implants feel, function, and look like natural teeth

  • same-day upper and lower arch restoration

  • customized fit optimizing speech and self-esteem

  • personal treatment plan with financing options

  • fewer adjustment appointments vs. dentures

  • enjoy healthier foods with ease and comfort

  • free 3D ICAT scan with consultation 

  • The innovative DayLife® system was developed by  Dr. Joseph Roberts, DDS, consistently peer-recognized for excellence in Philadelphia Magazine as "Top Cosmetic Dentist," in collaboration with regional dental implant specialists.

"Implants feel so natural, and so normal, it's kind of like having my real teeth again, and I think this is the closest I would ever get to feeling like I have my smile truly restored, not a temporary fix like dentures would provide, this is longterm..."I've got my smile back."

- Kristi Lind

"It's a whole new ballgame.  Implants are different from far as function goes, you can't get better than this.  It's amazing.  It's awesome."  - Kristi Lind

1804 Rittenhouse Square

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